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Silver Infusion is manufactured by GCS Manufacturing...


We started manufacturing our first ionic silver in December 2008. After about a year of testing and giving over 300 gallons away to friends, family and a lot of brand new acquaintances..we started selling in the beginning of 2010...we have been growing steady ever since.


I started using "Colloidal" silver about 15 years ago with good success...but I really wanted to know what made "Colloidal" silver  work so magically.


I started doing as much research as I could, online and off.

What I found was convoluted and very confusing...to say the least!


I eventually came to the only conclusion that a rational person could come to...There are lies, half-truths, exagerations, mixed truth with pure fiction and did I mention outright lies!


Yes, the "Colloidal" silver industry is in the middle of a mis-information nightmare!

My hope is to bring real science...and the greatest product I have ever been around...to everyone around the world!


We have learned, with real science...that what has always made "Colloidal" silver work so magically was the fact that when making "Colloidal" silver about 2 - 3 % of the "colloidal" solution contains "IONS"! The rest of the solution is made up of larger particles, called "nano" particles. These "nano" sized particles are useless in and outside of the human body.


It took us 5 years to find a process that makes 100% "IONS" in ultra pure solution....we call this brand new process and brand new product...Silver Infusion!


We filter all of our own water to "Ultra Pure" water...which is classified as "medical" grade or semi-conductor grade water.


Once our water is copletely pure we infuse it with ions of silver...

Ions are the smalles possible particle and they contain a positive electical charge!

Any particle larger than an electron CANNOT hold an ectrical charge like the ion can....the positive electical charge is 99.99999 % of the magical power in solutions of silver!


There are NO "Colloidal" silver products in the market place that can even

come close to the safety, effectiveness, power and biological availability of



I want to personally thank you for visiting our site and my sincere hope is that we can educate you and your familiy so that you can take advantage of one of the greatest health supplements that has ever been available to us!




Greg Scott; of the Simmons family

GCS Manufacturing - PMA

Manufactured in the  The United States of America (1781)







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